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turn the book around e.p.


4 tracks of sound art culled from many sources longterm including residencies with dash, cesta & our associateship with greyscale theatre leading to touring joey

after our worst sectioning (psychiatric prison) we discovered that creative industries had designed / marketed spoonrests. more recently shredder lubrication paper now exists – its sole function is to feed into yr shredder to lubricate the machine. and were labelled insane? these tracks are about turning books around

# uneasy-listening / #-brokenword / #heart-on-sleeve / #decomposition

on gobscure : ‘antithesis of all that is mass-produced, commercial; one needs time to engage and to listen to the work. it might even help us to listen to ourselves. a great, and singular artist, with no other justifications or conditions needed.’ alma zevi venice

A photo of a lamp which looks like an open book sat upon an open notebook. Orange writing on the page reads: archives of light

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