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zoonpolitikon (political-animal) – new album from gobscure


a punk is literally a smoulder-stick used to light fireworks, Serj Tankians talking armenia (Elif Shafaks big system of a down fan and she’s amazing new words out), while napalm deaths a bellyful of salt and spleen in ever-howl against injustice powerful as ever, meanwhile ‘playlist curators’ chat ‘how death metal rarely works in restaurants’ (tho it worked just fine in continents kitchens us chopped vegetables in). back-cover made a-whiles-back – those bluebells cross welsh-english-border while ‘frag’ means to fragment yr commanding officer with explosives etc on realising he’s (it usually is) the real enemy.

you can buy the album here, on a name your price basis.

Composite image featuring fragile tape, and multiple squares containing text including with love & rage gobscure c.e. Album cover featuring drawn red flowers and text which reads punk, used to light fuses (especially fireworks) zoonpolitikon (political-animal) gobscure 20 c.e..

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