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Sonic Vistas: gearing up for a performance at Liberty Festival with Sophie Partridge / 24 July 2015



We, Sonic Vistas are organically consolidating as a group. And we couldn’t be more different as artists and personalities, yet it works beautifully. And the key aspect of that, is in how we develop and construct our songs in their arrangement, with 7 of us in the band this is crucial.

We cannot continuously bash away together at the same time, so not playing at certain times is as important as playing, like being in a mini orchestra. We also have to link our playing with the films I have made and in turn, I have to change the films to match our music. This is tricky at best, particularly when you are integrating text.

For some of them, our timing has to be tight to the projected text floating in the imagery, while with others there is less need and we have more freedom. And all this has to be channeled to our deaf and partial hearing audience via our deaf rapper MC Geezer. Exciting stuff.

We have one more rehearsal then we are recording the songs, the day before we perform them at the Liberty Festival London, Sunday July 26th. But that’s enough from me, Sophie Partridge was the last member to join us and I have asked her for her impressions of our project. Over to you Sophie.

“I think secretly I’ve always harboured a desire to be part of a band.. but never thought it would actually happen!  They say good things come to those, who wait and now – being a lady of a certain age – it has; as if technology is finally catching up with the aspirations & creativity of disabled people and I’m no longer assigned to whacking the triangle as I was all those school years ago…

My favourite thing is being able to play tabla drum through the ThumbJam soft-ware.. that & singing backing vocals to Mik!  I’ve always loved singing and somehow, being able to access different instruments through AMT and just be `musical’, has boosted my confidence here also. The band tell me I’m in tune! I’ll take their word for it… ;-)”

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Alan Morrison
5 years ago

John Kelly / 24 July 2015

Having recorded you Soph, I can promise they are spot on, you totally are in tune, except when the kettle is near the boil xx

Alan Morrison
5 years ago

John Kelly/ 24 July 2015

Having recorded you Soph, I can promise they are spot on, you totally are in tune, except when the kettle is near the boil xx

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