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‘Surroundings’ Blog 7


After considerable time recovering from all my hard work creating a 360° online artwork and 2 insulations/live performances, I am trying to complete the final part of my R&D ‘Surroundings’ project. And this is where you dear blog readers, enter centre stage.

To further the progress of my ‘Surroundings’ project, I will need your responses to questions concerning the online accessibility; particularly to the 360°artwork (inserted bellow), also the video glimpses (including photos) of the 360°immersive installation/performance at The Plough Art Centre 26.6.19; using a structure designed and constructed by Susan Austin, with my projected imagery and live music performed by Dee Fry, Jo-anne Cox, Zack De Santos and myself. It will extremely helpful and vital to the project if you can give me your feedback below this blog, or on my Facebook page. Your responses will be used in my evaluation of this R&D project for the Arts Council and more importantly, for further development of  my future 360° online artworks and installations/performances.


Comments from visitors to The Plough Art Centre event:


“The combination of projection and sound – being ‘surrounded’ was a useful platform to engage with the theme”
“The transitional subject matter of self and disability was captured magnificently”
“It was the mixture between recorded stories and live music – it was a beautiful mixture and felt intimate”
“I enjoyed mixing with the and talking with the artist and performers beforehand”


360° Surroundings artwork:

The 360 artwork can be accessed via mobile phone, tablet, 360° headsets, or the much cheaper ‘do it yourself’ ‘Google Cardboard’, to be viewed in 360°when rotating your position or by scrolling, it can also be scrolled from your computer.

360° Surroundings (3 locations) artwork; (Make sure you open your YouTube app when linking from FaceBook)

Questions about the 360° Surroundings artwork:

Were you able to access the 360° artwork and how, if not why?
Did you watch it with a 360° head set or ‘Google Cardboard’, of by rotating a mobile phone, or tablet, or via computer, tablet or mobile phone and scroll the imagery?
Did you enjoy seeing the artwork and why, or if not, why?
How accessible was this experience?
How can this experience be improved?

Installations/performances at The Plough Art Centre and South London Gallery:

For those of you who missed the two 1 day scratch immersive installation/performances at The Plough Art Centre and South London Gallery, here is a chance to see something of them and give your responses.

Installation/performance The Plough Art Centre 26.7.19

Installation/performance South London Gallery 24.4.19

Questions about the installation/performance videos:

Can you get to gallery events and if not, why?
Is it important to you to be able to see gallery events online and why?
Did you enjoy seeing the live gallery events (above) and why?
If not, why?
Was the experience accessible and why?
How can this experience be improved?

Thank you dear blog readers, for your interest, time and dedication to taking part and being part of the ‘Surroundings’ artwork.

There is more information about the ‘Surroundings’ artwork on my website.

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