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Chronic invisibility space

Image of artist standing in a disability parking space. Bewildered.

Chronic invisibility space.

I have been thinking a lot about the standard wheelchair disability symbol lately and how there is still no equivalent for people like myself who have a invisible disability. There are lots of jokey tee shirt and badge slogans but nothing that has the universality and gravitas of the wheelchair symbol.

I have taken to standing in disability parking spaces on my occasional trips out to see if I get inspired to create a symbol that represents me…….knackered, in pain, terminally bewildered and badly needing a sit down and a nice cupatea….and this is before I have even reached the shops. Still waiting for that inspiration.

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Colin Hambrook

Love this, Jane. I also think the symbol near your head could be sort of floated up to make a kind of hoop-la crown.

Colin Hambrook

Hi Jane, I too have been working to create a symbol that was more in keeping of a collective nature. An interesting paper worth reading is the affirmative model of disability. The model written in 2000 by John Swain and Sally French its an interesting and sometimes humorous read, its approach to the ideas and the ever changing aspects of disability. This gave me the inspiration to produce the images that you can find on my website, your image, for me,contains elements of barriers(with the dark shadow of what appears to be a escalator) and with the figure in the… Read more »