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A photograph of a woman lying on a bed on a cobbled street. She has flowers over her face.

Photograph: Jane McCormick


Myself and my daughter Jessie Keenan (dance artist) developed this work by exploring a creative process that allowed for both our strengths and limitations to be embraced and laid bare. Having a chronic illness means that I have greatly reduced energy. Working with, not against this and allowing things to be what they were in the moment was an integral part of the project. Through sharing elements of our respective practices and engaging with each other’s rituals and routines we have gently pieced together a way of working over the past 3 months. When we got the work to a certain stage we then collaborated with Cathy Coughlan to create Still, a dance film installation, shown as part of the Oil & Water series of multidisciplinary works in Rua Red Gallery Dublin in mid June.

For more information about Oil & Water,  Havoc Dance Company and Cathy Coughlan, dancer in residence at Rua Red see :

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