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Time Heals?

Time Heals?

Time Heals?

So I’m alive and still Not Half Right. Still standing….well, sitting mostly. I can’t believe it’s a year since I posted a blog on DAO. Partly through life circumstances that have left my brain even more scrambled than usual and partly because I couldn’t face trying to figure out the new way to post updates.

I know, I know, it’s no longer new, but for me, in the condition I was in, it became a stumbling block. Even facebook activity felt beyond me. During this period in the wilderness I found it easier to post work images on Instagram as it require less brain power and few words.

I kept an eye on the DAO updates though but I missed being ‘inside’ DAO. I am now ready to summon up all my remaining brain cells to tackle the newish posting technique.

Since the middle of August I have been swept off my feet by a delightful new condition called osteoarthritis. The arrival of Old Lady Knees to my ever increasing repertoire of ailments has been most unwelcome especially in the weeks coming up to my 60th birthday. I have nothing good to say about either of these events so I’ll say a bit about the work that has kept me sane (ish) while I’ve been sat on my arse wondering who is going to make me a pot of tea and when.

For years I have been meaning to read and tear up my old diaries but I kept putting it off until another time that never came. The sad passing of my mother early this year led me to face the reality of what’s left behind and who sees/reads it once you’re gone.

Being immobilised has made this the right time to undertake this epic memory work. I had 47 years of diaries so that’s a lot of reading and tearing. I have been documenting the process and posting images on Instagram as I go along. New and unexpected ways of processing the diaries have evolved over the weeks. I have started using Instagram Story which allows me put out the images as a almost daily narrative. Not sure if it’s healing but it’s a start.

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Richard Downes

First time i’ve been on instagram. Thanks for the trip through cool images. And WELCOME BACK

Richard Downes

Also wanted to say my 60th was brilliant. I did one of those lists; 60 things to do at 60. Some were simple…. see a friend. Others were a bit more involved….. go camping in a favourite place. Some were firsts. None of them were lasts. I made my way through a fair few of them. Know i’m looking forward to 70

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