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Waiting Area 6

Image of a hospital waiting area sign.

Waiting Area 6

Since joining the ranks of the chronically ill I have spent way to much of my time waiting. Waiting for appointments, waiting for test results, waiting for treatments to take effect, or not, as the case might be.

The main waiting I do is in the waiting rooms of the various hospitals and health centres my bits and pieces, from my brain to my belly, my arse to my elbow are being treated in. One bit improves for a while just as another bit starts going on the blink….at this stage its a holding operation.

To pass the time I have been documenting the various waiting rooms I visit. It’s the nearest I get to holiday snaps these days.

I was inspired to put this image up after reading Dolly Sen’s last post which was a riposte to the World Mental Health Day theme: Dignity. She is fed up waiting and so am I.

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