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Tactile Sound with Together! 2012


shot taken looking down on a chair and a cello case
Music is vibration, music is colour, music is movement and music is sound! More ways to engage offer more ways in. Exploration of digital and non digital arts is a key part of developing my inclusive electric cello performance.

I am so lucky to have been offered the chance to explore the use of tactile sound speakers in performance by Together 2012! artistic director Ju Gosling. I will be trying out a tactile sound tabard, cushion and a sphere, created by Together!2012 members. The technology was made on a two year tactile sound project with Concordia University, Vibrafusion Lab Ontario and Disabled artists in East London and Montreal.

David Bobier of Vibrafusion Lab asks people to consider that sound is no more than a form of vibration. Vibrafusion Lab challenge audism and ableism in music. “Vibrotacility”  is defined by Vibrafusion lab as ” a creative medium with the capacity to combine visual, audio and tactile elements into a highly emotional and sensorial art practice”

So far I have been trying out the wearable vibratabard with my cello composition. I knew I would love the bass through the tactile sound speakers but what I didn’t expect was the emotional impact. Feeling my bass line like it literally was my pulse. It made me feel alive like I haven’t done in a long while. Literally wearing my own sound!

I am loving working with cello, looping  and tactile sound, the bass and big swells in intensity translate very well, as do the rhythm tracks. I see the possibility for tactile sound workshops, empowering people to loop their own wearable sounds and rhythm.

I am also excited about opening up music performance beyond sound and vision, creating more opportunity for access and inclusion, and new ways to engage with music for all. Vibration afterall is the core component of all sound.

Thank you Together!2012

You Tube Video
Visual description, close up shot of DI Box, with pulsing blue bass boost light and wearable dark blue tactile sound tabard. Audio description, dark sounding, moderately fast cello pizzicato (plucked) bass rhythm, drum track, and sustained cello notes played with the bow.

Why not make a Vibratabard or vibracushion? The instructions are online.

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