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The year long funding application!


Wow! It took me a year to fundraise for my project. I received the good news but my reaction was not as expected. Yes I was pleased, but utterly drained by the whole process. Another few days for it to sink in and I was really happy and excited.

Fundraising is tough. My particular challenges of feeling almost permanently overwhelmed, a fear of talking to new people about my work, copious amounts of brain fog and large doses of lethargy do not help!

interactive light, shining purple light with visible components.

The light at the end of the tunnel. Picture taken at a development day with creative technologist Charles Mathews,

Couldn’t have done without being part of Drake Music’s Connect and Collaborate where disabled musicians worked together on commissions, projects and events. We were introduced to a relationship advisor from the arts council, and I received sound advice about my application. I definitely would not have managed this on my own.

Help Musicians UK, were very approachable and provided excellent advise. Again I was supported by Drake Music to establish this relationship.

 Help Musicians UK Logo

I received a generous Arts Council budget for access support for my application. Super helpful – if you can arrange it yourself.

I would love to see more funding bodies provide an access support budget for applications and a centralised list of available access support workers. Recruitment is a barrier for many.

So yes really happy I got there in the end and excited to be blogging for DAO. But painfully aware that the support I received is not available everywhere.

Great to see that Attitude is Everything’s Next Stage artist survey is collating (anonymously) the experience of disabled musicians. This includes funding and support and is part of an innovative artist development programme. I hope this will be an important step in making funding applications more accessible.

Happy New Year everyone.

To join my project mailing list, please sign up here. Many Thanks!

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Ivan Riches

Hi Jo-Anne,
What a great blogg, underlining your’s and other disabled artist’s difficulties in finding and raising funding for their creative development. Having been through a similar experience, this issue needs a revamp from the Arts Council and other organisations as a whole. Not many disabled artists are supported if they are apply for themselves (other than through, possibly Unlimited) you are one of the few. I also had some support from Drake Music who deserve a mention.
Enjoy being creative, you have more than earned it.

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