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A day in the life of a SUPERHUMAN

Image of Katherine Araniello holding a beach ball with a prosthetic hand.

Katherine Araniello – We’re the Superhumans Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer (video still)

In the wake of highly inspirational Olympics and Paralympics in Rio, an ordinary human caught up with a superhuman:

What is the most superhuman thing about you? (Please pick only one superhuman quality)

Oh God, there are so many. If I had to go with just one, I guess raising my eyebrows is probably the most superhuman thing I do.

Do you have other superhuman friends? Do you know other superhumans or is it just you?

Oh, that’s a difficult one. But in all honesty I can’t think of anyone that has what it takes to fully qualify. Does that answer your question?

Yes. Have you done any superhuman things today?

Yes. I broke the world record in patience earlier today.

Wow. When?


Was it difficult?

I have been practising for it over the span of my superhuman career, but today was phenomenal and I am feeling very emotional about it. But also very calm. And patient.

You have been training for Rio and yet you still have time to put out a promo trailer. How do you manage all that?  

I’m completely focused on training and sport. I have a packed schedule. From about 9:30 until 10:30, I have my teeth brushed with a motorised toothbrush. I then take a high-fibre liquidised lunch break before lifting in the hoist from 12 until 13:00. Afterwards, I go through a regime of continued body stretching and spending time in the wheelchair. By 7:00 I’m having dinner and by 8:00, I’m researching the Paralympics for my past best performances.

What was the inspiration for your superhuman video?

I was inspired by the Channel 4 We’re the Superhumans Rio Paralympics trailer because I relate to that superhuman phenomena. Just the fact that I was dressed and washed and put in my chair in less than 4 hours is beyond incredible.

Do you have a message for anyone who is not able to see the superhumanness within?

I suggest that people look closer. Superhumanness lives inside all of us – you just have to fight for it. Take me for example I have been training for years to break the record of cheek fly lifting. Unfortunately in 2012 I missed the chance because I had glued fly catcher on my face surreptitiously and despite my protests the judges disqualified me. Nevertheless, this made my determination even more stronger and I found an excellent coach who has trained regular humans but who saw the potential of my superhuman immobilisation. It takes a normal human to see a superhuman, unfortunately.

You can watch the Superhuman Trailer Promo here

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