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Blog - Katherine Araniello

SickBitchCrips interviews artist Katherine Araniello


still image of katherine araniello from the videoSBC: Katherine, why are you choosing to make such dull, disinteresting work that we can’t stand listening to and watching?

Katherine: There are many layers to this work. Firstly, we live in a society in which competitiveness is instilled into us and to be noticeable, one is expected to sell themselves like a whore so that we are wanted and desired by all…

SBC: Yes Katherine, but you are a whore and a cunt and this work is pathetic and bland. Is it a contradiction of your real self?

Katherine: Thank you SBC. The work is about presenting oneself in an underwhelming way, which is in opposition to how society expects us to behave. As a disabled person, there are expectations that we should be overachievers and be brilliant at everything we do, as well as role models and all that.

SBC: Yes. But it’s boring and lacks depth, context, and presents you as an atypical wheelchair bound invalid.

Katherine: I think you’re missing the point. Disability is irrelevant here, it just is. Its presence may well dominate the clichéd comments of your observations, however how you, as the viewer, interpret this work will depend on how the work sits. So, for example, if you feel it’s heavily laden with disability and presents a leaning towards sentimentality and body aesthetics, then that’s because you are blinkered by the ongoing narrative that the mainstream places on difference.

SBC: Jog off. We’re done with this wordy bullshit. You’re twisted and bent, just like us, so fucking get over it.

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Colin Hambrook
4 years ago

Thank you for this interesting and insightful interview. SBC clearly has issues and she just doesn’t get this Disability Art thing, does she? Katherine is right; there is indeed pressure to compete. I understand this and have accepted that unless I go on about my impairment, at least draw attention to it occasionally, then I lose all credibility as a disabled artist. Why, I even find myself being unimpressed if I do a drawing in a sketchbook of a still life, or a tree or something else that’s ordinary. ‘What’s that got to do with disability?’ I ask myself. Thing… Read more »

Colin Hambrook
4 years ago

Thankyou Deborah! You hit the nail on the head.

Colin Hambrook
4 years ago

Just brilliant – SBC get to the root of all – fantastic – where have you been all summer?

Colin Hambrook
4 years ago

Recovering from a facelift!

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