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Finding My Space


It’s been a long while since I have blogged. After the very busy and hot English summer we have experienced this year, I knew I had plenty of material to write about. However, finding the time and space for concentrated writing was another matter. My time was taken up with all types of every day life activities, e.g. family and children, work and business commitments, various projects, household chores and random visitors.

I crave to write. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night to jot something down or when I am sitting on the bus home from work or in my lunch hour. In this way, I can write something quite sensible because it has been playing around in my head trying to get out in some form or another. Finally when I have a minutes to spare, I can turn the words from draft form into something quite readable and special.

Every moment I can get is valuable to my creativity as a writer. The only reason I have sat down today is because I endured an injury in a fall this week. My cerebral palsy has given me an excuse to write!

As a writer, finding space and time to freely write is a necessity for my mental wellbeing. On days that I have trouble trying to write anything down is quite damaging. It causes some anxiety and frictions that is not intentional. I have found having a pen friend or very good friend (via email or text) makes a huge difference because it gives me a chance to rant and rave and write freely.

As Virginia Woolf quotes in ‘A Room of One’s Own’ – “So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; and whether it matters for ages or only for hours, nobody can say.” “…who shall measure the heat and violence of a poet’s heart when caught and tangled in a woman’s body?” In my case a disabled woman’s body.

My advice is keep writing, keep building, keep creating, keep crafting and molding, keep drawing, keep painting. It’s what we are made to do… to create.


Words spoken,
words thought,
words broken,
words heard,
words in actions,
words of experiences,
words in dreams,
yet to be created.

judgmental –
through each reflection,
mirroring through time.
Written down,
creating accounts.

Each day, each night
written in blood;
engraved like tattoos;
a dairy filled with life;
twisted like riddles,
befriending, uplifting,
thrown deep down.

Scripts of reasons,
burning passions,
rebellious angles,
assorted perspectives.
An observer of life
styles, society,
war, love, reality.

Without these yearnings,
without these talents,
without these minds,
without these tales,
or a space of one’s own;
this world would
be a tasteless place.

by Kuli Kohli


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Cherry Doyle
Cherry Doyle
2 years ago

I agree with Virginia Woolf! All writing matters, whether it’s a years-long novel, a thoughtful message to a friend or a note to yourself. Keep writing against adversity my friend!

Keith Walker
Keith Walker
2 years ago

Lovely words Kuli. Keith Walker

Richard Downes
2 years ago

welcome back. I always miss thepoets

Peter Street
Peter Street
2 years ago

keeping the poem tight and visual – terrific

Santosh Kumari
Santosh Kumari
2 years ago

Dear Kuli
You continue to inspire me. I love your Writer poem. In terms of finding space and writing, you are absolutely right. I too have a very hectic family related life and everything seems to get in the way of writing. For the first time I am really itching to write but no time! ‘However as the saying goes ‘where there is a will there is a way.’ Thanks for the tips.

Jill Tromans
Jill Tromans
2 years ago

We all have busy lives, but I think we need to find a time every day and make it is an integral part of our routine. I’ve heard people who appear to have lots of spare time, say they don’t have time to write, while other very busy individuals seem to produce loads. Love your work Kuli and hope to hear much more of it in the future. Jill x

Baljit Ghotra
Baljit Ghotra
2 years ago

Beautifully said

2 years ago

Very expressive ‘ranting’ kully! I like the way you present thoughts with a pen for us to read,always enjoyable reading.

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