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‘A touch of light’ – exhibition by Leo Wight


Poster for ‘a touch of light’ by Leo Wight

At the end of September this year I put on a solo exhibition of new work I created with the help of the emergence bursary. ‘a touch of light’ was a six day exhibition held at New Glasgow Society in Finneston, Glasgow.

The show consisted of new photographic prints as well as a new zine.

“This show is a collection of new photographic work by Leo Wight. Working predominantly in black and white analogue photography, his work combines traditional methodologies with contemporary subject matter.

This show explores light, interiors and the human form in an intimate way, emphasising the relationship between person and place.

Exploring the way light changes a space, the way it touches skin and the shapes and lines it creates, the work evokes a familiarity, capturing the beauty in everyday moments. Through embracing camera faults, light leaks and blur this work highlights photographies unique relationship with light.”

‘a touch of light’ exhibition © Leo Wight

‘a touch of light’ exhibition © Leo Wight

This show was a really great experience, being my first solo show since graduating art school in 2018 it was really important for me to see the progression of my work this year and keep up the momentum of making work.

The space fitted really well with my work and the location was great for foot traffic. I had a really great reception from visitors and it created opportunities for some great conversations about my work and art in general.

As I work in series or collections of photographs rather than individual images, seeing my work hung together in a space brings it to life and I can really see the work as a whole. I am really pleased with how this show came together and how it was received. I am very grateful to have received the Emergence Bursary, meaning I was able create lots of new work this year and put on this show.

New Glasgow Society

‘a touch of light’ exhibition © Leo Wight

‘a touch of light’ exhibition © Leo Wight

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