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Introduction to my practice


In this first blog post I am going to answer a few questions about my practice, to give some insight into my work. In future posts I will be documenting my making, thoughts and experiences throughout the Emergence project.

What photographic processes do you like to use and why?

Image from my Degree Show 2018 © Leo Wight

I work mostly with black and white film photography using a point and shoot camera, meaning I have little control over much else than the subject and the framing. Working this way allows me to capture a moment quickly.

In this way the images are less posed and it is more of a true capturing of a moment. It also allows for surprises and accidents to happen, such as light leaks, double exposure, blur, and camera faults.

All of these elements add their own voices to my work and I fully embrace this aspect of the photographic medium.

Much of the work showcased on your website uses video in a way that mimics a photographic still – or elements of photographic portraiture. What drew you to using video in this way?

Still from video The Intimacy of a Room © Leo Wight

A lot of my work is about capturing a moment and I use video as a way to extend that moment. I hope to create a quality of stillness, quiet and closeness, enhancing the intimacy my work evokes.

My video work The Intimacy of a Room is comprised of slow, almost still clips. The only movement within the frame is the light fading in or out, condensation rolling down a window, a chest moving up and down. My video work is very self-reflective and explores the idea of the spaces we go to escape and feel calm.

Being autistic means I find the world very loud and overwhelming and my video work is about escaping that. When showing the work I hope to give the audience a chance to have moment of calm. I aim to create a small dark corner for the viewer to escape in for a little while.

Can you share a current favourite work you have created and tell us something about why it is important to you? Maybe it has helped move your practice on or it means something of particular poignance for you?

Currently my favourite work would be my photobook Grasp. This work is something I feel I was working towards for a long time, even before I knew it. This book is about intimacy, interiors, the human form, light and daily life. Grasp is a culmination of so many of the ideas that surround my practice, pulled together in a cohesive way.

I love the format of a book or zine because I find it’s a way to create a more immersive, one to one experience with the viewer. In a book I can create collections of photographs that on their own don’t tell the whole story, but together they have the power to convey much more.

I hope this has been an interesting glimpse into my practice. In my future blogs I will delve more deeply into my making process and ideas, as well as my experiences throughout the Emergence project, using this space as a kind of digital sketchbook.

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