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The Autistic Balancing Act


In this post I’m talking about my experience of autism, not everyone with autism will have these feelings or experiences.

Installation of video The Intimacy of a Room projected onto a frosted window © Leo Wight

Life is one big balancing act for everyone but being autistic I feel as though each thing I am trying to balance is bigger, heavier and harder to control. Trying to balance a day to day household chores, seeing friends, keeping up with family and so much more, is so difficult, to add making art on top of that sometimes feels impossible!

I wish I could give some amazing advice of how I manage everything without getting overwhelmed but honestly I haven’t figured that out yet and I’m not sure if I ever will. But I love making art, it brings out the best in me and I will always find a way to keep making, even if it is at a much slower pace at times.

My art helps me so much with interpreting and understanding the world around me, I can escape into making and focus for a while. And the work I make, in particular my video work, is also a place for the viewer to escape as well as me. I create spaces, within films, books and photographs where the viewer can take a moment and find the calm, quiet spaces in the world around them.

Sometimes I over think what my work will become, what will the final output be, how will I show it, how will it work. But it’s always so important to step back and just enjoy making, remember what I love about making and what inspires me, finding those tiny beautiful moments in the spaces around me.

Making art sometimes feels like one extra thing to juggle and if I didn’t bother maybe it would make everything else that bit easier. However in reality it’s the opposite, making art makes everything that bit easier to balance, it helps me focus, step away from all the stresses of daily life and think more clearly.

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