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Festival Reviews: POP-UP DUETS (Fragments of Love) at the Edinburgh Fringe

a female dancer holds a male dance off from the stage floor

Image © Roy Campbell-Moore

JANIS CLAXTON DANCE On now until 26 August. Free performance
Reviewed by Nicola Tuxworth
4 stars

Let your mind be captivated and love every moment.

Janis Claxton’s Pop Up Duets (Fragments of Love) dance show is an intriguing moving work of art, with wonderfully composed music and the soundscape of the National Museum of Scotland makes your experience electrifying to watch as you follow the four dancers take you on different stories of love.

Visually the performance is powerful, sensual and sweet. Each of the duets are genius and unique. Janis Claxton has created a show that is truly unlike any other dance performance and it is a real out of the box experience that just like life can happen anytime or any place.

This is a show that breaks down walls and is very inspiring to watch. These enchanting duets are a must see and have been choreographed and performed to perfection, don’t miss out on this must see show.

Image © Roy Campbell-Moore

Reviewed by Emma McCafferty
5 stars

Returning after its successful 2016 Fringe run and its international tour, Janis Claxton’s masterpiece continues to surprise its audiences with love-themed dances choreographed by the award winning choreographer Claxton and to music by Pippa Murphy. Inspiring a few small children to dance along as well as scaring an elderly lady into running away from her seat, the response from the unsuspecting public adds to the charm and the dancers give it their all.

Thanks to the National Museum of Scotland’s architecture people could watch from different floors. Everyone went quiet as they slowly noticed what was going on…

A must-see from female choreographer Janis Claxton.

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