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Blog - Michelle Baharier

Dyslexic Rant is back and blogging, happy new year all, and happy new year of the Rat ……so  back to Instagram  part 3


This is a series of blogs/views about Instagram and artistic practice.

Birds perched on pillars in a pond

Image by Michelle Baharier 2018 Regents Park posted on Instagram

Hashtags and a dyslexic brain ……. lets talk cut and paste and what to do?

Well I am dyslexic and I do not get #hashtags so help! ‘Cut and paste’ how does that work?

Yes you can be famous if you are literate … and if not … just do it as a hobby. Why is it so difficult as a dyslexic. I do not think or learn in algorithms. I learn by being a monkey … I have to copy how something is done and then I visually remember the steps/actions a number of times that helps me learn the sequence. Hashtags do not work in this way and require spelling? They require understanding about what they do?

My understanding is it invites people to know that you are there.

‘CUT AND PASTE’ yes why didn’t I think of that? Of course,A scribbled pen and ink drawing of a face I did think of that … but this is all done on a mobile phone. If I have to have to cut and paste 100’s of #  then my phone gets blocked up – each one has to be done individually or am I doing this wrong?

Who can give me lesson? Help needed… my phone is an LG5 does not copy # no it does not … I have to manually write them, I also can’t cut and paste text from my notes.

A dyslexic like me cannot copy letters very well. I just can’t I know sounds really silly surely I can copy written words …. my level of dyslexia prevents me copying and reading correctly. I have to do this very slowly and my predictive text does not work for me either!

I am 56, I went to school before computers, I have had no training and no support to use these machines most people my age and over do not know how to use software that could help them. I did do a course in Photoshop and digital media in ’96 but everything else is made up.

Access to work gave me endless programmes to use the Being Naturally speaking dragon pro: helped but without a person to set it up for me it’s useless, and you need full time for as I cannot teach the machine, as it has to learn to spell words I use but can’t spell!! So I need a person who can spell to put all this into its memory.

Black and white painting of three figures

Painting by Michelle

All the other programs I was left to get on with none were intuitive and I was just as alienated by it all. We need opportunities to learn how to use assistive software.

When I was a kid Dyslexia was called picture word-blindness, I had to learn off by heart, right, Wright, other rights!! and where and when, I still need words such as ‘Eunuch’ read out to me, predictive text does not work at all. I have a phone with a dictionary of misspelled words as predictive text is not dyslexia and it does not have a sound deficit and so I  pronounce many words wrongly and write them accordingly. Therefore predictive text can’t understand what I am writing and chooses other words, I get frustrated and just tick my word which then gets added to the dictionary and is misspelt.

Yes I have cut and paste, but is there not an easier way? Tips help interaction how do you cope on Instagram? How do you choose a # and how does it work?

Part 4 will be the self mental health and Instagram

I am on instagram as @bahariermichelle on facebook page and on twitter as@dyslxicRant

I have a page and a number of groups London Night walks, CoolTan Arts, Dyslxic Rant and Southwark Life

I have two events coming up in March – one is an exhibition called Women of all Seasons, Old Library Walworth Road, London – and the other is a march with me on 8th March celebrating women art activism and politics … meet Parliament square at the statue of the suffragette Millicent Fawcett for ….

Women’s Art Activism Provocation and Politics

The personal is Political email me on to get involved all genders invited

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