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The Host


I emerged from hibernation into isolation, all the while thinking about bees. My collaborative project now has a name, a website and a date to work toward.

A dead bee lies on its side, on the tip of a sculpting blade.

The Host will take place in the summer of 2021 at Devon Sculpture Park, depending upon the measures taken surrounding Covid19.

Alongside the central installation of giant bees constructed from natural materials which will inevitably decay, there is an open call to artists. Artists working in all media are invited to create work for an accompanying exhibition to be submitted up until 30th April 2021.

The Host is a project born out of an awareness of the impact we’re having on our planet. I have narrowed the focus of this enormous subject to the decline of bees but bees do not have to be the focus of any work submitted. The subject of climate change is vast and multi-facetted. And, at Devon Sculpture Park, there is the scope to exhibit soundscapes and digital art, performance art, photography, written and spoken word, sculpture, painting and drawing.

Crucially, the aim is for this to be an inclusive project. Climate change affects everyone. Everyone has a role to play in making a difference. The image of the white able activist is often dominant but it does a disservice to the cause to narrow its champions to an architype. We all have the ability to raise awareness, educate and take action on climate change.

So, more than an open call to artists, there is an open call for ideas on how The Host can be made accessible to all: How can the experience of vast bees decaying be conveyed digitally – offering those who cannot reach the site a chance to engage with the project? How can visual artwork be conveyed aurally? How can sound be translated into texture? Decomposition translated into music?

From the practical to the innovative, I am interested in your experiences of exhibitions and installations; what has enabled you and what has inhibited you? What are your suggestions for improving the experience of art for everyone?

You can now follow The Host on Instagram and Twitter @thehostdevon and get in touch.

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Melanie Guy
1 year ago

Nicola can you also publish on this site? Or is that too much work?

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