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For a disabled artists’ view of disability and deaf arts culture

The blog section of the DAO website provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these pages are not necessarily those of DAO.

Digital instrument development for Define Your Journey

Director and dramaturg on Define Your Journey, Kate Lovell, writes about her experience testing out painting with sound. I joked with Jo-anne about wishing I didn’t have to wear my director’s hat and keep us focused on our meeting agenda. Instead I wanted to don my jester’s hat and let us play all day with the ...

Signs; Around the U Bend

The issue with access to the smallest room in listed buildings Around the U Bend 6’6” Chosen for poetry Size 14’s Approaches A small door Raised from the floor Twists his contours Into a U bend Like a more corpulent Secretary for State Privileged and empowered Never would Have a need to When taking his seat In a larger house Where crap Is a daily talking point Where the how’s And wherefore’s Never ever form An effective ...

the con partys endless war part xxx

from boris fixed it satirical cut-ups      

I Hate The White Man

This past day or so I've been holding down so much anger at all the shit going down. We've got a new Nationality and Borders Bill going through parliament, which further criminalises people seeking asylum promising prison sentences so the white men who lord it over us can make yet more money out of misery. We ...

Liz Bentley as The Handjob Maiden Delivery Woman

Among other things, I am writing the sequel to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. This book I am also converting into a screen play where I play the main character ‘Ofrupert’. The one and only Handjob Maiden left on the planet. The Handjob Maiden’s Tale is set in a totalitarian society in what used to be ...

love island / sausage wars : same or different?

in other news county-lines gove asked us to leave him alone at this difficult time

Crippen asks how can we engage young disabled people?

The term ‘returning to normal’ is one that frequently arises whenever the possible ending of the current Covid restrictions are discussed.   Disability Arts Online · Engage young people However, for many disabled people ‘normal’ means a return to the constant and unrelenting battle that we face against an inaccessible society. A society incidentally, that seems to ...

different battle same war 9: elif shafak, and her strategy, the bisexual pen

Disability Arts Online · different battle same war 9: elif shafak, and her strategy, the bisexual pen rant nine for elif shafak, and her strategy, the bisexual pen. its rainbow month. the year before the pandemonium set in the local supermarket, here on tyneside had pride month in its window. i think this is the most notorious ...

Crippen hears of another High Court action against the Government

A disabled woman is preparing to mount a High Court challenge after complaining about a lack of British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters at Government Covid briefings. Disability Arts Online · Government face court action over lack of BSL Deaf activist Katie Rowley argues that the Government breached obligations to make broadcasts accessible to Deaf people under equality ...

political round up

more screengrab couldnt make it ups