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In All Good Faith


In the latest Praxis-Forum blog, Dionysia Mylonaki talks about their artistic practice. 

In All Good Faith film still 1

My practice explores “legitimate” narratives as social, political and economic mechanisms, such as empathy, labour, property and solidarity. I’m interested in trans-disciplinary and open approaches as a way of researching notions of the public and as a tool to critically confront dominant moral codes. My work often revolves around behavioural or verbal “confessions”.

Alongside my hands-on practice, I am a Lecturer in Critical & Cultural Studies at the University of Hertfordshire, Digital Media Arts. I see these two aspects of my work as inseparable, in the sense that they enable an interrogation of media and social structures in theory and practice.
In All Good Faith film still 1
In All Good Faith, my current work, which is under development, seeks to see through the micro-mechanisms of colonialism that legitimate history revives. I have been conducting research in the public realm, collecting, comparing and interpreting artefacts and oral histories. My project, as this stage, recontextualises the dominant perception of humanitarian aid drawing from the recent Greek history (Marshall Plan in Greece during the Civil War), as well as current events of political importance. Narrations tie back to the context of the civil war, bringing to the surface past experiences that vary from small acts of violence to atrocities.

The intention of the project is not to be used as a historical source per se, but to reflect the meaning of oral narration as historical evidence of the subjectivity around historical facts of political nature. In other words, my work is concerned with what happened on a microscale level and what individuals think that happened on a large scale.

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