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The mid-point of the ‘It Was Paradise’ residency

Watercolour painting of a landscape

Painting by Hossam Khadeir

The third day of working has been largely studio-based, and I have taken the time to impart technical skills and more painting and drawing is underway, with the motive to creating a comprehensive body artworks for the future of the project. Today there is a general strike in Palestine, in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, with thus a consequent slowdown in comings and goings to the Centre; and I understand from the news reports that later today none other than Donald Trump will be arriving in Ramallah.

Despite his severe mobility difficulties, Hossam is not wasting a moment of his time or allowing mobility to stand in the way of creating his delicate emotive paintings.

This evening a barbeque was very kindly organized and provided by Amani to mark the mid-point of the ‘residency’ and the filmmakers returned for more footage. Additional guests were invited, individuals that I had previously work with, and it was fantastic to be reunited with friends.

One of these individuals was shot and paralyzed by a sniper, it was heartening to hear that he has made great progress and is now back working with a graphics arts agency. The picnic-area at the high point of Star Mountain looks out over panoramic views of surrounding olive-groves, villages and minarets, and this was the perfect setting for discussion, relaxation and card-games.

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