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Palestinian Young Filmmakers Society filmmakers interview the group

Photo of the team of artists

Creative Team

On the second morning of work Isra’ Odeh and Firas Addasi (Palestinian Young Filmmakers Society filmmakers) arrived at eight-thirty am. and it so happens that the group had set up for the work outside, in various locations in the grounds of Star Mountain. The beginnings of the themes were explored, concerning, in different ways, the nature of confinement, and some quite exquisite artwork has begun to emerge.

Technology has met art, as the filmmakers are using a drone to produce establishing shots and to explore the Star Mountain location, alongside traditional ‘grounded’ film-work for interviews and filming the artists at work.

Luckily for us, Amani’s good friend Rasha has been discovered to be a singer of traditional Palestinian songs, and these have been recorded for use within the soundtrack of the resulting film to document the research and development process.

Hossam saw the wooded area at Star Mountain for the first time, in fact this is the first time Hossam has ever been able to enjoy the countryside, mobility within the region is extremely limited for many.

Isra, the filmmaker has conducted a round of personal interviews with all the artists, exploring lifestyles, creative motives and restrictions.

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