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Blog - Rachel Gadsden

Rachel prepares for the next stage of ‘It Was Paradise’

Artwork using Arabic script

Artwork by Ali Saied Ashour

The work continues apace. And today I headed into town to meet with the Art Director of the Qattan Foundation in Ramallah, to explore the possibilities of grant applications and collaboration with It was Paradise.

I visited the art shop in Ramallah, a shop that clearly reminds me of my Middle East childhood (with literally hundreds of erasers and pencils of every smell and shape) to buy extra canvases and other equipment, and stopped at the British Council offices to progress applications for UK visas for Ali and Amna, so that they can take part in Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, Milton Keynes Islamic Arts and Heritage ‘Art in the Park’ Festival and the Mayor of London’s Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square, all of which take place in the UK in the month of July.

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