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Taking up residence at Star Mountain


It had originally been intended that the group would undertake most of the work for It Was Paradise at the Red Crescent in Ramallah, using their highly accessible facilities and workrooms, spending only a very few nights at Star Mountain.

However, it became immediately apparent that Star Mountain is an eminently suitable location, with highly accessible living facilities and workspaces, and in addition is incredibly peaceful and beautiful, with woods and open spaces for inspirational outdoor working.

So in short, the venue was changed and Star became the group’s permanent base for the whole period of our time together, and on the first evening’s stay Amani was kind enough to arrange with the centre to set up for a bonfire in one of its atmospheric outside locations, for all to watch the sun go down, with singing; Arabic coffee and a bubble-pipe as dusk fell.

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Amani Samara
Amani Samara
3 years ago

It is an adventure for someone who uses a wheelchair and for whom it is the first being in a forest. It was a great feeling to confront the difficulties and feeling together and safe in nature. It helped to paint. Thanks a lot, Rachel Gadsden , for this opportunity, after which everything is different.

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