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100 Meters; Haiku Email


Illustration by Charlet Wilson

More and more I end emails with a silly line or two superceding the old one two of yours sincerely , faithfully or with love. Today I sent an email to the DAO editor, Colin Hambrook regarding a tour I wanna go on with fellow poets. Can’t remember how I finished it but it led directly to this series of haikus. Yours Sincerely.

Haiku Email

A passing fancy
In a stationary jam
Use the hard shoulder

Give the cold shoulder
Insouciant wannabe
Anyone you fancy

Anyone you fancy
In the slow moving traffic
Walk them home tonight

When at home tonight
Watching Coronation Street
Think of traffic jams

More jam tomorrow
In custom made jalopy
Watch the wheels go round

14th June 2019

Illustration by Charlet Wilson

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