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100 Meters; Haiku Weekend


from my outside in gallery

I am south of the Lake District at Extreme Views, an arts event in Barrow In Furness. David Haley has 81 Haikus written on the wall appearing as The Writings On The Wall. He works as an eco-artist. I have a paucity of haikus. Only one concerning impairment. I am learning about other people’s struggles with communication. I have had my own. Here’s a collection of haiku’s inspired by the weekend and the people that I met.

Haiku Weekend

I talk about roots
With people who don’t share them
We hold common ground

There are those who talk
With people who don’t listen
Many walls have ears

I have to listen
To many people’s issues
I cannot reply

They didn’t mean wrong
They just needed a new wall
Someone to talk at

Now I have a voice
A reason to be talking
Walls are coming down

6th April, 2019

The next thing David did was haikus written in stone for this art project he is happy for me to share with anyone

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