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100 Meters; I Wanna Be Like Paul Crowther


A Reflection

One thing I do, from time to time, in spoken word events is present something simple and topical based on my own prejudices. I published this on social media at the time. it may not work so well on the page so many months after the event but DAO is like my archive. Tell me what you think below. ‘I Wanna Be Like Paul Crowther’, the guy who milk shaked Farage.
I Wanna Be Like Paul Crowther

I’m stocking the space
In my large garage
With case after case
Of stuff for Farage
Strawberry Milkshakes
Eggs and tomato
Waste not treats like cakes
Maybe avocado
What I aim to do
You’ll like some of this
Is throw him my poo
And drench him in piss
I’m living my dream
I’m living it large
I’m throwing my shit
At Nigel Farage
According to the Times post milk shaking Farage tore into his security team saying “Why didn’t you stop it? I could see it coming a mile off’. Some man of the people this. I can see it coming but can’t get out of the way, he can see it coming but can’t tell his guards. Put the guy in power and he will be able to tell all of us he saw something coming after it hits us – like Brexit maybe.

22nd May 2020

Another postscript. Because i posted this on social media Paul Crowther contacted me. Turned out not to be THE Paul Crowther but at least this Paul Crowther was sympathetic to the concept

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Nick Lewis
4 months ago

Nigel Farage
was not so large
as his friend Donald Trump.
Big and small, they got kicked in the rump
but like all bullies
it should have been the goolies

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