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100 Meters; Radical Health Outcomes


14th August 2021 the Mental Health Resistance Network are having a picnic in Hyde Park to protest the notion “work is a health outcome” for mental distress as cited in the NHS long term plan.

I protest the notion too given that it is a blanket and thoughtless statement. I fancy a picnic. Will I be able to make it after the workshop I run this week. We will wait and see. In the meantime this little ditty will suffice.


Radical Health Outcomes

I’ve got news for you
And you’re not going to like it
Work is a health outcome
It gives you purpose
It gives you drive
Gives you money
Helps you to survive
But it depends on how your managed
What workmates think of you
Deadlines can leave you damaged
You know what stress can do
It can make you anxious
Drive you around the bend
Leave you knashing teeth at night
In a nightmare that never ends
Work is a health outcome
But work related health cuts both ways
It can bring you sunshine
Or darkness for most days
Do it cos you love it
Cos its right for you
Don’t do it for the government
Especially when its blue
Don’t give em no excuses
To rebirth their work fare
Don’t let them take advantage
Push for your welfare
You know whats good for you
You have no need to be told
As nice as security is
It don’t have to be paid for in their gold
Join the M.H.R.N.
Which came up with this brick
You want a great health outcome
Have a good picnic


12th August 2019

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