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100 Meters – The Marcher


An old man standing in front of the houses of parliamnet with a protest sign around his neckAn old man standing in front of the houses of parliament with a protest sign around his neck

Standing in a field listening to Waterboy Mike Scott’s declamatory lyrics I hear a style that rings a bell and requires that I respond.

The Marcher

They’ve gone too far
I’m going on a march
Stand up for my people
Sit in front of cars
We’ll turn this wrong about
When we hit the street again
Stand up for our rights
Hang out with our friends
Right this wrong together
Its the only thing to do
The system never listens
It just wants to shit on you
Tell them what is wrong
What we are standing for
Speaking up forever
We will change our laws
We will change our planet
We’ll improve our lives
We’ll bring smiles and laughter
To those who have survived
This ones for the marchers
A fight we always fought
This ones for our dreamers
Our schemes are not for nought
We’re speaking for a change
A brave new world of being
I have heard their voices
A future I am seeing
A future I am seeing
Of a new society
This ones for the better
It set our people free

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