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100 Meters – Time Is (A Communal Poetry Exercise)

photo of a large brick clock tower

Time is a quarter to 3

A friend appeared to be talking to me on messenger. After a polite intro the talk turned to receiving funding. Aye up!!! This now looks like he’s been hacked. I mail an alert to him. He confirms the hack. He asks how my time on the dole is going. I reply with Time Is. Time Is ends with ‘time is an unpublished poem. Time is now and courtesy of a question and a blogging facility from DAO, Time Is is now a published poem. Add lines below. Start each line with ‘time is’ or ‘time was’

100 Meters; Time Is (A Communal Poetry Exercise)

time is go
time is interesting
time is a poem waiting to happen
time is a walk
time is an adventure in the woods
time is spent watching television
time is a driver
time is spent on roads with music playing
time is an itch
time is an irritation
time is in the fabric of the cosmos
time is playing
time is an unpublished poem

Dedicated to Nigel Keir for the inspirational question and for the time time was.

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Time was lost and then found again

Corina Duyn

Time is watching the birds

Tina Stewart

Time is an opportunity

Joe Turnbull

Time is but a mirror
Time is an illusion
Time is the only thing that’s really real
Time is the ceaseless march
Time is the enemy
Time is my best friend
Time is a luxury
Time is a curse
Time is on my hands, But
Time is slipping through my fingers

Harriet Connides

time is past to walk the fields, knee deep in oxeye daisies and in grasses

Andrew Rea
Andrew Rea

Time is relevant and relative.

A. Hurford

time is related to space
time was i’d have wanted to learn more about that
time is my distance from myself
time is how i get back there
time is i did more to get there now (escape it)
time is 12:47 GMT

Toni 🙂

martin reed
martin reed

“Might” is the reverse of time
At least phonetically
So time is that which changes
Might to is and then to was
Well — possibly.
So it’s a force which alters
One form of phrasal verb
To another form of verb
And perhaps only the obsessed by words
Would think of it like this
But, time, in fact, is only a word
Like fact and might, was and is.

Kay Channon

Time is the eggshell I walk upon, it cracks slowly
Time is the demon I slip through in sleep, blissful, unaware of its hand
Time is worthy of every second beat, my heart, my eyes, each breath unique
Time will never say never, but the body will cry
Time is forever long, infinite, a ghost by your side…

Alastair Murray

Time is, was and shall be.
Time is an arrow, joining now to eternity.
Time is elastic, infinite, and also somehow allotted.
Time is running out, it’s said, but we might be running out of time as, anyway, we won’t outrun this, at least, not this time.
Time I was off

Bob Williams-Findlay
Bob Williams-Findlay

Time is somewhere past, and yet to come
Time is strange that way, at a stretch at least
Time is a second, then some more besides
Time is beyond comprehension, even when time was

Ann Young
Ann Young

Time is the currency of life

Erika Gelzinnis
Erika Gelzinnis

Time is held in the space where eyes meet eyes
an endless moment of peace
as living carries us on and away.

John Kelly

Time waits for nobody and yet theres plenty of it as it goes round and round Its 12.16 right now and it will be again If i miss it tomorrow it will happen again Unless I miss it again 12.16 has gone now too & i don’t know where it went I know I didnt miss it Unless i really did miss it ….again? It happened yesterday and i definately missed it Time waits for nobody and yet theres plenty of it as it goes round and round And yet I miss it again & again and even though it… Read more »

Mark Coverdale

Time is one up before five minutes of added
Time is five down after ten minutes of closing
Time is TIGHT

Dolly Sen

Time takes too long to make sense of


Time is too short – a length less than long
Time is a luxury spent quick – too fast to catch
Is time – a lost heart boxed in the mists
A needy thought chasing the post
Is time – a melancholy moment frozen in words
Time is illusion – measured in beats
Time is spinning – dreams and memories
Bound up in time.

Caroline Cardus
Caroline Cardus

Time was ‘And Others’ – and that means you and me
Time is now about us doing more to be free
Time is now passing while our rights are undone
Time was, people made a fuss, got arrested, had some fun…

*And Others refers to the title of Graeae’s performance read through at National Theatre on 15th Nov as part of ‘Courage Everywhere’

Nic Hopkins

Time is eternally fickle
Time is endless if you’re bored
Time is against you when you’re in a pickle
Time is precious moments to hoard
Time is like a blanket that smothers
Time is best spent thinking of others

Simon Startin
Simon Startin

Time is a Brexit of the gods.


Time is fluttering of past and distant memories
Time is the future
Time is the past
Time is moment by moment, day by day, rewinding
Time is sunshine and rain,
Time is laughter, time is pain.
Time is that moment never to return again.
Time is memories, making the new
Time is me and time is you.
Time is……


Time as an anagram is mite (s) bite
time is item (s) rule our lives

time is all we got

Richard Bell

Time is an enigma

Dennis Queen
Dennis Queen

Time is cruel and time is kind,
It wastes away, but leaves behind.

Dennis Queen
Dennis Queen

Time is a theif
It takes friends
And gives greif.
Time is the pain doctor
Healing us
As we sleep

Dennis Queen
Dennis Queen

Time is yours
And time is mine
No time to lose
Much time to find