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12 Months On……


Is that Theresa and Boris on a DAO page. Really!!

A little over 12 months ago I read an article on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and wrote a poem in preparation for the last election (December 12th 2019 fact fans). I had the chance to deliver it a couple of times at spoken word events and also turned it into a video that i blasted all over social media. It (socially engaged activism poetry) seemed to make little difference to the eventual outcome.

If memory serves the poem in spoken word and video formats rained down heavy on issues concerning standards of living and came with a light dusting of Dick Downes humour though it was full of serious content.

12 months on with the Human Rights Act in scrapping stage pre-brexit delivery the rain is a little heavier. But i’m still proud of it and think it still holds up so without further delay…… welcome to…..

The Bastards

The Bastards set up rights for
All the little bastards that follow on behind
Shired by Boris and other philandering bastards of his kind
Whilst we boys and girls who once paid tax
Now have to face up to the facts
That our frittered wealth
Taken by austerity’s stealth
Just won’t support our elders health
And if we wish to feed our kids
Who just don’t know we’ve hit the skids
Will realise we have to thank
Those who patronise us at the bank
Doling out food and sometimes clothing
Yes the bastards have left us with no robing
And should we have to lose our housing
There just can’t be no disclosing
What it will mean this lack of care
That sees us face a bastard state with no welfare
Our social needs continue to go unmet
We won’t be saved from winter’s cold by tory wets
Who just don’t understand a basic need for security
Or the impact of policy on our equality
Or what it means in this age to be waged
By zero hours that just derange
Cause great depression to our weary minds
And cause impairments of all kinds
And leave our kids with absent moms or dads
Whilst the bastards strike deals and buy new fads
Ignorant to the suffering of our lasses and lads
Born into this storm of Bastard’s bastard Bastards

Would love to know what you think.
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