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642 – Gordon’s End


Tell a story starting with a ransom note

642 – Gordon’s End

Walking back from the police station
I consider the officers advice
Accept no responsibility he said
Tell the professionals who would
Otherwise choose to do nothing
That he’s out, he’s on the street
Then watch them change
Watch them change when they learn
That no one really cares
Watch them care
Not about your friend
The one you want them to care for
But for their professional reputation
Watch them fear the inquest verdict
The summing up of the coroner
Feel no guilt he said
Feel no guilt when you sit
In the ambulance
Taking him to be sectioned
In the place he doesn’t want to be
And feel no anger that they did nothing
When he called for help before
Feel no anger when they question
Instead of caring
That you held a doctor to ransom
Because you’ve done enough
Its them that are failing
Its them that will cause him to die

About the Photo’s. Last photo I took of Gordon was in the Chapel of Rest. It was taken during the arse end of the 80’s. My plan was to to post it up everywhere with the words; ‘Is community care working?’. Haringey Council refused to set a budget. The tories came in and did the cutting the council was loathe to do themselves. Our community centres were closing. Haringey Road being a cul-de-sac (a dead end) seemed fitting for the times. I’ve recently taken this photo again inspired by austerity and universal credit being a death trap for many of us. It’s taken me a long time to respond to Gordon’s End. It doesn’t help me that I have. I am appreciative of a friend who knew Gordon who tagged #suicideawareness on facebook this week. History returning.

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Joe Turnbull

Powerful Rich. A family friend of mine recently died as a result of police negligence towards his (clearly apparent) mental health needs. Individual responsibility is needed, but it’s clearly a more systemic problem at work.