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642; Magpies

Front facade of an old school

The front of a school. Image by Dawatters via Wikimedia commons. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

‘642 Things To Write About’ instructs; ‘Write about something that was stolen from you’, not knowing about the history lesson that awaits. This is something of my time going back to special school. Tell me about your time? Say what was stolen?

642; Magpies

Mopey Matilda moans and mithers about too much

Post war housing
Cold, condensed, no lagging
The dust from rubble
On bomb site wasteland
Over stagnant waters
Oily barges, fearful horses
The belch of smoke
Leather tanneries
Cooling towers
This is Walsall
Poor, dirty
Poverty enhanced
60 years on the power of nothing
Impregnates the same, mouldy air
Sell the people regeneration
As they sold us rehabilitation
Raising fear
The first scar of anxiety
Removal from lackadaisical family
Blind to the theft of a child’s language
A call for independence
In defiance of separation
In the face of adults
Or other children
Preferring violence
To a sense of community
This is what they took
That is what they’re taking
A knife punctures the skin
There is an outcry
Another life now taken

Mopey Mathilda moans and mithers, in fact, about too little

7th December 2018

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