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642: Take A Second


crouch end clock towerStationary and chocolates. Cakes. Kind words from people paying testimony to me. This is what I have and what I remember best from my leaving party – the day I took redundancy. Amongst the papers, a book, 654 things to write about. The first thing; “What can you do in a second?”, which takes me back to a joke about only having three minutes to live. Best say no more.

642: Take A Second

It only takes a second for a synapse to snap
Causing cellular breakdown in communication
Cloughie said it takes a second to score a goal
Leading in turn to fans raucous celebrations
One second and its consequences
One second causing good, causing bad
So, what are you going to do with your seconds
Never mind the minutes, the hours or the days
Take a second, take this second
Read me, look at me, employ me, use me
Turn away, reject me, disregard and discard me
Play your cause and note the effect
Note the thanks, the smile, the signs of appreciation
Or twist the knife again and note the devastation
The second is yours. You have been seconded to use it
You should use your second now

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