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Access Contextualised


A collection of 17 poems compiled as a contribution to UK Disability History Month.

The compilation seeks to broaden the brush usually applied to access.

Whilst access remains a key issue it has to be seen, in my opinion, only as a part of wider issues derived from approaches to experience of discrimination and a commitment to equality, inclusion and independent living

It is given in the knowledge that it is not in itself accessible (usual excuse of not having access to resources) – but most of these poems are already available on DAO in written form so feel free to use the list of contents on youtube and reprinted here to find the earlier blogs.


1) Signs; In case you don’t know
2) Signs; Crip Seat Bust Up
3) Signs; In A Word
4) Signs The Letters We Write
5) Signs; Stupid System
6) Signs; Disabled Access Is In Use
7) The Challenge; Festivities
8) Playtime; Every Word
9) DET; Scrimping and Saving Co. Ltd.
10) 100 Meters; Brother Malcolm Eats His Beans
11) Initial; Forever Absent
12) Signs; Polemic AKA Pointing Percy
13) Signs; As It Happens
14) Signs; Eugenically Euthanastical Murder
15) Signs; Maximum Stay
16) Signs; Numbers
17) Signs; Share This Space

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