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Blog - Richard Downes

Acorn: Gimme Some Truth


Loose pencil drawing of a man with long hair holding a peace sign and a woman dressed as a witch

Love scenes are never easy. Ask John and Yoko or anyone else you wanna ask. Sometimes things are said unkindly. Sometimes it has to stop. Especially when the aggravation comes from two party poopers causing no-one any fun.

Write all the things you want to do. Ask others to do them and move on. Keep dancing.

I wanna hear some truth
Tell me some truth
I want to hear confessions
Fess up
I want you to stand in a box
A bible in your hand
I want to hear you swear
I want you to say the words
I want you to take the pledge
I want you to take the oath
I want you to give up on vows
I want you to be responsible
I want you to prove you know
All those things you know
I want you to prove you understand
I want you to give up on allegations
I want you to stop pointing with your finger
I want you to stop the declamation
I want you to feel free to stop
and drink some water
and take your time
to engage your brain
and realise the damage you’ve done
And I want you to do this for me
For these are some of the things
You insist I do for you
Because you can’t stand to face the truth
About the things you do
Nor the reason why you do it
Or why it should be done for me
And, yet; now I’ve asked you this
I want you to stop and wait
To speak the words you need to say
By way of excuse
By way of self justification
Just wait until I am far away
Because I don’t need to hear
The words you need to say
To make yourself well again
Whilst I dance, free style
A good distance gone
But close enough away
To see your mouth move
To witness your healing has begun
A time to disprove your innocence

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Scott Hastie

Punchy work and strong closing two lines to this piece especially, Richard