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Acorn; Of Snow And Ice


Manipulated photograph of bushes with inverted colours

Yoko Ono’s Earth Piece II shows concern for the planet yet finds optimism in our power to find a solution. She finishes with the instruction; ‘melt the icebergs and snow in your life’. I feel a new duet coming on

Acorn; Of Snow and Ice

(She) I am snow
(He)   I am ice
(She) I am white
(He)   They say I am opaque
(She) I cloy like a blanket
(He)   I am bitter, narked, angry
(She) Comforting the suffering green
(He)   Friendless, opportunistic, dangerous
(She) Like a nurse, my bodice white and crisp
(He)   Settling unseen
(She) Obvious, romantic, when settled
(He)   Nasty, vicious, turning black
(She) A home maker
(He)   Icicle daggers
(She) I fall from the sheltering sky
(He)   Easily hidden
(She) Brought like warmth meeting cold
(He)   Always cold, freezing, freezing cold
(She) Sometimes we join together
(He)   But I don’t need her
(She) His cold hold holds me to the eaves
(He)   But I don’t need her
(She) I provide cover for the very worst of him
(He)   She thinks I need her
(She) Together. I am the best of him
(He)   She still thinks I need her
(She) At the end, together
(He)   What is this together
(She) Together, we melt
(He)   Together we melt?
(She) Together we melt
(He)   Together we melt together
(They) Together

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