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Acorn: returning to my planet


Another instruction piece from Yoko. Response from me, to me.

SKY PIECE II: Look at a star in the sky not as something unreachable but as a planet you would visit one day.

You are my star. I’ve known you for so long. Gone on so many journeys with you.

Checked in, walked up to the desk, turned round and walked out again. But always coming back. Its been a long time. But…….

Acorn; Returning to my planet

I remember you
I met you forever
Always there somewhere
Not quite there
But here and hereabouts
Believe me
Its not a chat up or anything
But I was wondering about you
The things you do
The things you did
The people you knew
The things you said
I liked your friends
The words spinning out your head
The search for things you felt for
The hopelessness
I loved that dazed smile you wore
The life you breathed
Your cut off points
The choices you made
You was something else
You stood outside
And looked inside
Curious, beguiled, entranced
You used to find it so easy to share
You surprised people with kindness
You found it hard to take from others
You found some things hard to take
And then you just stopped
Closed down
Stopping thinking, feeling
You said you didn’t want to take
Another beating
But I never saw you beaten
Never saw the scars, the bruises
You was keen on other people feeling
But wasn’t keen on feeling
Love, laughter, eternal happiness
You’d given up
Cynical, sceptical, doubting
But then at other times shouting
Reaching out
Telling us what the world was all about
You was something else
Again, you know, I don’t want to come over
Cosying up like, telling you you were great and that
But i’d like to meet up sometimes
Just to check out how and who you are
Your vision and your sense of loss
The poles you know
The person you will be
Next time we check in
Until then
See ya

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