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Acorn: Running


Running Shoes Are Walking Now

Derived from Yoko’s Sky Piece V Autumn. Way back in time I enjoyed the sports I enjoyed, and hated the sports I hated. I guess I was trying to prove something. Something about someone whose running was compromised, was never so fleet, never so far in comparison to others.

Yet I noticed recently, before reading the Sky piece that I write about running a lot and whilst I very rarely run for anything now, I wondered why? I think it’s all related somehow to an experience of special school of shame, of doubt, of fear of the anger that still dwells within me. I guess I just keep running from myself. What are you running from?

Acorn: Running

Run, run, run
And I run in dream
As she dreams again of walking

Run, run, run
And as I run
But never run for buses

Run, run, run
I run into the future
From summer into autumn

Run, run, run
I run fast, stream lined
Running into the wind

Run, run, run
I run furthest
And further than I’ve run before

Run, run, run
I run with breath
The wind filling my lungs

Run, run, run
And I wonder
Why I’m doing all this running

Run, run, run
Wonder on waking up
But I never go running

Run, run, run
Its rediculous
Too hard, its no fun

Run, run, run
I know I’m always running
Nowhere, except from the past

Run, run, run
Running from somewhere
Lost to memory

Run, run, run
Look at this stupidity
Run! No! Stop!

Slow down
Take it easy
You are here

You have arrived
You are safe
Stop it with all this running


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