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Acorn: The Glorious Servant’s Dream End


This is the second time i’ve used Yoko Ono’s Sky Piece II. Well, the third actually. The first time was just for me. The second and this one; shared. Why? Sick of flicking through Instagram and Pinterest I finally bought the book. Today I’m gladdened that the glorious servant is standing down from his lonely perch so as to share in an Acorn.

Black and white close up of a man's face

Richard Downes aka ‘the Glorious Servant’

Acorn: The Glorious Servant’s Dream End

On the final day, redundant
The glorious servant steps away
From the seat and table top
He served from
Quickly surveying his goods
He considers some bads

Dusting down his pockets
He checks nothing personal is left
And like Hopkins before him
Turns to the remains of his day
Walking toward the horizon

Layered clouds indicate change
Storm or sunshine it’s all the same
The future, unknown and beckoning
Holds a promise of new passions
Based on old loves unrequited

Removing his tie as expected
His eyes hold not a single tear
For those he loved, those he served
There is a new crowd on the high street
He lets them pass him by

Let them go, let them go
Do not stop to stoop or bow
Tomorrow is a new footprint
In an old field, corn gathered
sheathed and stacked. Rest there.

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