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Acorn; The Sky Today



A cloudy skySharing Yoko’s Sky Piece 1 we asked our own questions and came up with our own answers. It’s what we do, when we do it.

Acorn; The Sky Today

Sits lonesome in a bedroom
Grieves parental loss
Lifts her head and sees it

The sky
Elemental life force
Always there, always giving

She takes a cloud
Wraps it round her shoulders
Names it comfort

Back flat to the grass
Arms outstretched
Exhausted by playtime
Opens his eyes

The sky
Throws out nation shapes
Mysterious, giving

He inhales a cloud
with place names, known / unknown
Thinks; I’ll call it venture

Climbs the mountain
That hides the sun
To reach the top to see it

The sky
So good, so strong
So fitting

She takes no cloud
Exposed with no cover
Leaves them hung for someone

The sky today
When said and done
Is blanket grey, with
A piece of cloud for everyone

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