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Black Widow. 1


Random thoughts collected during diagnosis, treatment and recovery from Prostrate Cancer. An incoherent, rambling mess of a story with nothing to say and nowhere to go.

She lies coy between the sheets dreaming she could be everything Mr Zim wanted his Tarantula to be. Wakeful now she sings sullenly soft sweet songs of sentiment to snare her Steve with.

Steve the Spider is up with the larks embarked on his journey to the land of Gists. The Gists know those things Steve does not know but Steve knows what they don’t know too. He was always a sucker for sitting and listening at the foot of the seat of learning but always left his perch disappointed.

Julia, Danielle, Betsy and Dana. Eight legs, eight arms, four heads. Radioactive mutations forecasting Extinction Rebellion. Will they make it through? Times are getting tough. Weasles ferret. Scraping, shuffling, scuffling, making noise. Steve suddenly sees a stout stoat and knows what they’re about and sneaks off farther up the road where BBB still serenades the ladies named.

Wanna read part 2

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