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Black Widow 10


Black Widow 10

Steve foraged. Having foraged he found. Having found he recognised the statute of his limitations. Raising his hand to eye he looked to the sun and called upon it to use a beam to heat his walnut.

Meanwhile Stella was feeling as if she had reached an age where she needed to submit to procedure. Some of her arms creaked. Not surprisingly given all those cuddles, all those embraces, all that loving killing. Not to mention house upkeep, shopping, work related activities, keyboard expressions and anything else you may be able to think of. Submission was well timed for her and just fine for her too.

Lying, taking it easy, enjoying the comforts of being cared for, time alone, time with vision, time like a crystal ball looking back to Steve, forward to a space he may inhabit again one day should he happen to pass by. Reminiscence, reverie, dream, dreams like streams, consciousness, dipping in and out of rivers, wish fulfilment, disturbed by the six o’clock call for transfusion, food and medication. She was resentful of being woken for more than one reason, all those reasons articulated in dream.

Now she was awake she listened more clearly to the creaks which she continued to feel regardless of procedure. The lab coats with their pens, pencils, mercurial thermometers, stethoscopes and bandages, achievements, qualifications and accoutrements could not hope to fill the void. They could fill her up with diamorphine, diazepam, and other drugs beginning with ‘d’, work their way through the alphabet, catalogues and appendices but the absence remained intact. The bed was nice, the time appreciated, but really…. Move over medics.

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