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Black Widow 2


Late comers to Black Widow may wish to go back to the start which started here.

The road is long. Someone added the winding. Spider is on the run. He has six weeks of exquisite boredom on his star chart. This ends with her feast. A death worth looking forward to. Not today.

Today sees Spider outside the circus tent selling bursaries to stove pipe Victorian men escaped from a Lowry painting. Would be patrons of homeless children too poor to pay an entrance fee. The hats make them look taller and thinner than they really are. A hat always makes the difference. Spider chose a flat cap. “60 quid for that one sir”. He speaks it like neither a plea nor a demand. Just facts. Stick to the facts.

The fact is this business may be illegal.

Harry, Henry, Bob. She sits and counts them off.

Watch this video then go to Black Widow 3.

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7 months ago

Curious verb there …. to ‘stove pipe’ – not quite sure what it means in terms of Steve’s proclivities with what to with ‘Victorian men’?

richard downes
7 months ago
Reply to  Colinetto

ooh. was it a verb? curious. adverb? adjective? these lazy writers

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