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Declaration 13 – Freedom of Movement Versus Money


Declaration 13 – Freedom of Movement Versus Money
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.
2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Whilst pursuing these collected poetic actions for a conservation course I have constantly called upon my experience as a disabled activist. Yet in truth I have been more poetic than active for a few years now but I believe the poem has a place in protest lines. I met Portent Whisper this year. He told me he meets with DPAC lines of resistance where he shares his own lines.

For a moment I thought this particular poem was more conservation than disability experience based but I think of money, I think of people, I think of the disaster that may befall us, I think of the spreading of race and disability hate, I think of divisions, I think of the social model and a dream of a better society. On the cusp of a new year I send this to Disability Arts Online and wish us all a better time.

Declaration 13 – Freedom of Movement Versus Money

Kapow!!! Take that all true BeLeavers
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Would not uphold your sacred wish
To get rid of all Johnny Foreigners
And return to a state you call having Britain back

And so it is in this the most No Brexit
Of all constituencies that native Crouch Enders
Turn their thoughts once more towards;
Art Deco, Nouveau riche buildings
Like the old town hall to mutter inanities

Considering the movement of money
Whereby investers give a Hong Kong address
And a Cayman Islands account
And all the major doubts and questions
That go along with the cash nexus and understand

Money that’s one thing that won’t stop moving
Money that’s one thing that won’t be changing passports
Money that’s one thing post the world cup that will be going home
Money disregards the other units of production
Money kills off trees, demolishes communities
Money, ignores our localised dreams and fancies
Money is beneath the roots of the tree on the green
Money shapes the shape of the green
Money wears many different disguises
Money appears as plaza’s piazzos, new plots and places

And yet rights and freedoms remain negotiable

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