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Declaration 7; Protection


Another from the lost conservation battle. The following article for all its usefulness is taken from the universal declaration of human rights

Article 7.
All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

With deference to Bob Dylan and Massive Attack for there early words on equality and protection

Declaration 7; Protection

All are equal before the law
Haw Haw
All are entitled to protection of the law
Ho Ho Ho its xmas

Equality he spoke these words
As if a wedding vow
Then stood in front of judges
To take the force of the blow

The homes come down
The land was bruised
The town was scarred
The judges cruise

The investor spoke
He waved his wad
He had a toke
Spat on the sod

He built high walls
Took out your light
No privacy
No fight

He soiled the ground
Played in dirt
Don’t turn round
He can’t be hurt

His wallet is big
He pays the price
His honour worships him
Says he’s really nice

There is no protection
From the property developer
From the noise
Made by his guys
No school house
No fire station
Just emotional

He builds the gates
He alarms his fence
He takes whats his
He cannot miss out

And you just lie
And take it
No Protection
I hear you sigh
And fake it
No Protection

I heard you protest
No protection
I heard you petition
For protection
I heard you say
You want protection

You wanted to save
A building
A green, a square,
From their protection
A tree, an idea
A job, a community
From their protection
A social scene
A way of life
A preference
Safe from their protection

All are equal before the law
Haw haw
Entitled to protection of the law
Ho Ho Ho
I write these lines at christmas
For I believe in Santa Claus
Plastic toys
and Protection

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I like the juxtaposition of meanings in this poem Rich. Thinking about the concept of ‘plastic protection’ – a form of safety made meaningless – or rather meaning the opposite of the word. A form of protection that destroys.