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DET – Scrimping and Saving Co. Ltd


I’ve lived through two periods of blue austerity. This one is the longest yet. A perfect time to look at organisational barriers being created by central government by filtering diktat through to local authorities of many different colours but usually the same hue of yellowy custard.


Disability Equality Training cartoon © Crippen

Scrimping and Saving Co. Ltd
Open 24/7
Contactable by phone
With a call monitoring system
That screens out Service Users
Survivors and Complainants
Policy states that calls will be terminated
On the callers expression of “I need”

Here’s your money says Mr Scrimper
You can have it all at once
It won’t cover the going rate
Nor will it account for inflation
But given time this amount will amount
To a small saving and please the government
So please have it, take it now.

Here’s a boss idea for you boss
No one wants to stay in hospital
Send them home without support
Place responsibility upon the family
They’ll suck it up, they all do
It’s a kindness to the elderly
A pull upon the old heart string
And if you think about it
Yet another saving

Yet another saving Mr Scrimper
If you please, a re-provision Mr Scrimper
Let us say we are doing it like we always did
Only in a different way
Aim to be reactive
Aim against prevention
Take away safety devices
Kill the little buggers off
It’s a saving Mr Scrimper

This poem has been created with the unwitting support of Suzanne Bull and Andrew Little who responded to one of my Facebook enquiries. I’d be more than happy for you the reader to place on record the organisational barrier you came up against below.

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Michelle Baharier
1 year ago

People being able my posts text to speech writes as it hears not what I.say dyslxua is a word I can not spell a word of everyday aka @dyslxicrant a penny for aceess to work isvthecreson softwrsr or the chair I need for my spinal injury u don’t to pay for….a chair for to use a computer costs a £10000 and has to be made to measure..then theres the mouse the keyboard as injuries to nervous mean I can sit not stand.for long.periods nor can I crarry pull or push hovering hurts… have help…need acupuncture to keep pain at… Read more »

Richard Downes
1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle

good to hear from you Michelle

Cassandra Wye
Cassandra Wye
1 year ago

Hi Richard I think my all-time favourites – tend to be those from disabled arts organisations. I don’t why I expect them to be inclusive – but somehow I do. Two examples pop into my mind Diverse Cities employment process that would exclude their own CEO from applying – that crops up as an example in many of my training programmes And CandoCo – for whom I had the wrong disability to be a disabled dancer with their organisation – I think what they meant was I didn’t “look” disabled enough to count. Oh well. My favourite non-disabled arts organisation… Read more »

Richard Downes
1 year ago
Reply to  Cassandra Wye

would love to hear your bathroom story.

Ruth elizabeth hamblett
Ruth elizabeth hamblett
1 year ago

Oh boy where do I start, Three years ago after losing zero casual hours contract while off work with broken foot despite taking in a sick note was forced to go to go on line and register to attend job centre(dole office), this co-ensided with sons birthday so obviously remember and know this day and date but as soon got there found numerous people with the same timed appointment I had to seat down now the plaster was off was suffering terrible stomach pains which were being investigated by consultant at hospital and when asked by a man to give… Read more »

Richard Downes
1 year ago

Blimey. Things are ringing a heavy bell there. It sickens me that the DWP through job centre plus can’t arrange a toilet for people who are supposed to sit and wait for hours. Very recently forcing my way through the bureaucracy i put in touch with a firm that was supposed to help people with barriers to employment. I turned up at the job centre and the staff there didn’t even know the guy from capital was there. This other guy kept on coming out shouting anyone for Ingeus – which i’d never heard of. The guy clearly didn’t know… Read more »

Joe Turnbull
1 year ago

That really is a devastating story. I’m shaking with rage.

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