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Black and white film poster for 'I am not your negro'

Black and white film poster for ‘I am not your negro’

Sitting among 20 odd old white folk
Concessioned on a Monday
To watch I Am Not Your Negro
Suggests their civil rights struggle
Became our entertainment
Their martyrs our heroes
As the celluloid image
Recites the lines we know
The songs we sing
The police dance of brutality
Moves choreographed with truncheons
And I feel a disconnect
As I think of Cameron
And motherfucking May
About to kick at the JAMs
Talking social language
Appealing to my class of worker
The disconnect between words and action
And I wonder what will become of us
The movement that was ours
The struggle we engage in
Contemplating whether or not
If a white audience bought a black revolution
Bought soul into commerce
Whether the time is already here
When the non-disabled
Have taken up our crutches
To chant our language
Relate our Theory
And commitments
And my heart beats
One more pulse of fear
Fear at the great disconnect
That exists
Between our lives
And movies

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