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Haiku; Fair Minded Killers


Inspired by The Daily Haiku 153 where the daily theme of darkness meets the weekly theme of water.

Hands up if you remember LDAF – London Disability Arts Forum (the forerunner of Disability Arts Online)? I think it was there that I read one of our activists talk about watching someone drown a disabled child in a bath. It was an image that stayed with me. It stayed with me when I read newspaper reports in this country about mothers murdering disabled children and being let off. It stayed with me when I read Kuli Kohli’s story in the Express and Star. It stays with me when I debate the value of our lives during explorations of the medical model in my Disability Equality Training. It stays with me when a course participant raises their objections to termination. It stays with me when I think of death camps and the ongoing holocaust. It should stay with me during discussions of death by universal credit but it rarely does. Using the haiku to tell this story in another way. Some people will read this and remember.

Haiku; Fair Minded Killers

Drowning the baby
A story told in darkness
Rarely read elsewhere

Murdering mothers
Let off lightly by the law
Judges will recall

Fair motivations
When the baby is disabled
Quality of life

Quality of life
Is a real legal yardstick
That measures our lives

They call this justice
Whilst we cry to be equal
They deny murder

Immediately after writing this I discovered that Olga Freeman had killed her disabled son Dylan.
I googled ‘mother kills disabled son’. Google returned about 68,400,000 results in 0.35 seconds.

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Dave Lupton
Dave Lupton
15 days ago

Still acceptable to society, the ending of a ‘burden’ not a real life. Another useless eater, another non-person brushed under the carpet. This capitalist society led by those who follow the eugenics creed. Move on. Nothing to see here.

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